Tutoring Philosophy

Tutoring Philosophy

Unfortunately parents and teachers aren’t always able to provide the individual attention that learners so often need. Our tutoring team understands how difficult it is for parents to take off the parent hat and put on the teacher hat, and what a crazy, busy world we live in! We understand the limitations teachers have in the classroom environment. Let us bridge the gap.

The 5 Main Roles of a Tutor

Tutors are in the unique position to tackle each topic from a range of perspectives, thereby clarifying concepts and fostering a deep understanding of the subject matter. By adapting to the most appropriate teaching style, tutors are able to facilitate those sparks of understanding that are so rewarding to your child.

Through mentoring, tutors are able to access the key to what will motivate your child. This gives your child incentive to work alone between lessons, and allows them to take pride and responsibility for their successes.

Disorganised or missing reference material hinders the working process, while good organisation holds the key to a successful learning environment. Our tutors empower your child to get organised and apply the right study methods for the material. This gives your child the ability to control and set the pace of their learning.

Many children struggle with negative feelings towards certain subjects. Our tutors encourage belief in their ability through praise and encouragement.

The right mindset will help your child effectively tackle their schoolwork, and grow their overall confidence. Our tutors are great at shifting your child from a negative attitude towards a positive attitude.

Constant assessment and feedback are an important aspect of the mentor relationship. An assessment will be made upon completing initial lessons to ensure that our tutors are able to best serve you. This will guide the aims and goals of the lessons, your child’s confidence levels and any problem areas to be addressed.

Our key focus is one-on-one attention

One-on-one lessons are completely personalised and tailored to meet the specific requirements of your child. Tutors don’t waste time on concepts that your child is comfortable with, they concentrate on the areas your child needs help with. This means that tutors address the unique needs of your child ensuring they reach their potential.

Past Work

The classroom environment restricts teachers to covering only current work or work planned for a specific lesson. Our tutors, on the other hand, are able to fill in any gaps in past knowledge, regardless of the learner’s current position in the syllabus. Going over past work and filling in gaps improves your child’s fundamental understanding, creating a solid foundation for future learning.

Present Work

Keeping up to date on a weekly/daily basis is essential to improving your child’s understanding, motivation and confidence.

Future Work

Tutors help to prepare your child for upcoming tests and exams ensuring appropriate and effective study methods are used.

We Have The Tools

We Have The Tools

It makes sense for our tutors to align with your child’s existing materials, since it is these existing materials that your child is tested and marked on. But, our tutors are not restricted to one set of reference materials; they have access to a wide range of materials to meet the unique requirements of each learner. Our goal is to ensure your child understands their existing syllabus.

Any additional materials (such as study guides, past papers and electronic resources) are provided with this goal in mind.

Mentoring Works

Mentoring Works

Because most of our tutors are university students, your child can easily relate to them, this automatically helps with motivation and facilitates the learning process.

Our tutors focus on fostering a mentor relationship with your child. A holistic approach means that normal student-teacher relationships are set aside in favour of a mentoring relationship, allowing each learner to grow. Being the best and brightest varsity students, our tutors are great role models for any learner.

Empowering Your Child

Empowering Your Child

Our tutors empower your child to work by themselves. What happens in-between lessons is just as important as what happens during lessons. Since tutors often have limited time with learners their responsibility extends to motivating and encouraging your child to work hard in-between the extra lessons. Ultimately your child needs to sit their tests and exams by themselves, our tutors understand this and ensure they are confident and empowered going into exams.