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With so many different languages in the world, (6909 according to; why would we not want to be able to master as many as possible? A language tutor can help you to brush up on your vocabulary, review grammar rules or even hold conversation classes – practice makes perfect!

We also partner with corporates, trusts and other organisations to teach English as a second language. Contact us to chat further about this language tutoring service.

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2 Tiered Approach to Tutor a Language

Our language tutors at Hire Education take both a long term as well as a short term approach to learning any new language. The short term is the quick stuff, vocabulary, grammar and the foundations that form the basis of the language. All the key components so to speak.

Where the magic really happens though, is in the long term approach. When one moves from the data level of understanding, and knowledge comes in. This is where you link all the basic parts together and apply deeper understanding and interpretation of the language. Using a tutor for conversation classes at this time is a good idea.

Learn a Language Short Term

  • learn basic vocabulary for every day subjects (like household items, holidays, shops)
  • learn basic grammar rules of the language
  • practice as much as possible

Learn a Language Long Term

  • speak the language at every opportunity
  • have conversation classes
  • read the language (magazines, kids books to start with)
  • write the language (practice, practice and more practice)
  • Learn more complicated grammar and language rules
  • watch tv programmes or youtube videos in the language


Language Tutoring Subjects

We have tutors in the following languages. If you don’t see the what you are looking, contact us anyway as we might have someone who can help.

Afrikaans Tutors, English Tutors, French Tutors, German Tutors, Hebrew Tutors, Italian Tutors, Portuguese Tutors, Xhosa Tutors, Zulu Tutors and more…


Specialised tutors at all levels of education

Specialised tutors at all levels of education

An effective education should equip children and young adults with the knowledge and learning skills they will need to thrive in a competitive world.

The best kind of education builds on a solid foundation – which is why we offer expert tutoring from primary school level upwards. Our primary level tutors are sensitive to the needs of younger learners and help to create a basis of reading, writing, numeracy and other skills which are essential building blocks of a good education.

As our students progress to high school and university, we provide highly qualified tutors who have an excellent grasp of their subject matter and are dedicated to teaching. These specialist tutors have in-depth knowledge of matric and university subjects which allows them to teach effectively at a higher level.

We select the best tutors – and make them even better

At Hire Education we believe that tutors should have two important traits: in-depth knowledge of their subject, and a teaching philosophy that brings out the best in students.

We have a comprehensive 4 hour tutor training workshop and a tutoring test at the end.

Our screening process allows us to select constructive, positive tutors who have mastered their subjects – and our teaching philosophy has produced excellent results for over a decade. We work with our tutors to foster a learning environment that empowers learners.



  • I think she [learner] is slowly gaining that self confidence. Just glad that Rodwell [tutor] picked up that Alex [learner] had no self confidence and I'm also happy that I decided to go this route before it was too late.
    Fransisca de Wee, regarding her daughter's improvement - Jun 2007
  • So far Malcolm [tutor] has been excellent and the boys have really taken to him. In the short time he spent here, he seemed to have inculcated a sense of seriousness and purpose in my youngest son, no mean feat! We are therefore very happy with the service so far.
    Elinor Sisulu, regarding her sons' tutor - July 2012
  • Bronwyn [tutor] is GREAT ! she is very patient and very sweet – definitely what Michael [learner] needs. Thank you ! Tracey Viede, regarding her son's tutor - Jan 2009
    Tracey Viede, regarding her son's tutor - Jan 2009
  • Erica, [tutor] you rock!I passed accounting - 62 %! A MAJOR improvement from my first attempt on my own (whch was 36%). The pass was all because of you!Thank you for all your help - I really could not have done it without you!
    San-Mari Swart, regarding her tutor - Jun 2010
  • During the third term of this year as my son, Nicolas [learner] failed second term Maths on his report with 39%. Marcel [tutor] has been coming over about once a week. He received 78% on his report for Maths for the third term!
    Veronique, regarding her son's improvement - Oct 2006
  • I am very impressed with Michael's [tutor] services. He did a very good job of teaching and motivating my two boys.
    Brenda Knoetze, regarding her sons' tutor - Jun 2009