Educational Assessments



Career/Subject Choice Assessment


A career/subject choice assessment combines what a person is interested in, with what they are able to achieve. We assess a person’s interests, personality, and aptitude to see which career (and subjects) they would be best suited for. We offer individual and group assessments, as well as career counselling and workshops/ motivational talks for schools.

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School Readiness Assessment


Evaluate whether or not your child is ready to profit from schooling. We use a holistic approach which looks at the child’s physical, developmental, cognitive, and socio-emotional functioning. All of these factors are important when deciding whether or not a child is ready to start school. We then recommend suitable, timely interventions that can help to build pathways towards resilience at school.

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Math Competency Assessment


In order to assist our learners to understand mathematics better we need to identify the specific areas that they are struggling with. There is an assessment available in South Africa that allows us to do just this. The TriMaths and SOM (Study Orientation for Mathematics) series helps us to identify a learner’s strengths and limitations in mathematics.

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