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Our accounting tutors have all shown the highest academic abilities both in high school and university. They must also undergo training and assessment to become an Accounting tutor for Hire Education.

Accounting is one of those subjects that comprises of a series of building blocks. First you learn block 1, then block 2 then 3 and so on. If you don’t understand block 1 or 2 then you’ll have great difficulty understanding block 3. Inevitably an accounting tutor will be needed to help out, and that’s where Hire Education comes to the rescue.

We specialise in providing after-school lessons for those learners who need that little extra tuition.

Hire Education, was founded in 2003 after Rory Brachner had identified an opportunity to offer individual tuition to learners when and where it best suited them. Whether at a private school or government school, there will always be pupils who need that little bit of extra help in order for them to fully understand a subject.

Many pupils already take extra lessons, usually from their own teacher in a particular subject. In some of these cases where the problem has arisen because of a teacher/pupil relationship, the problem may only be exacerbated. Accounting has never been a particularly easy subject to understand, and a tutor is often the answer to a difficult problem.


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Specialised tutors at all levels of education

Specialised tutors at all levels of education

An effective education should equip children and young adults with the knowledge and learning skills they will need to thrive in a competitive world.

The best kind of education builds on a solid foundation – which is why we offer expert tutoring from primary school level upwards. Our primary level tutors are sensitive to the needs of younger learners and help to create a basis of reading, writing, numeracy and other skills which are essential building blocks of a good education.

As our students progress to high school and university, we provide highly qualified tutor who have an excellent grasp of their subject matter and are dedicated to teaching. These specialist tutors have in-depth knowledge of matric and university subjects which allows them to teach effectively at a higher level.

We select the best tutors – and make them even better

At Hire Education we believe that tutors should have two important traits: in-depth knowledge of their subject, and a teaching philosophy that brings out the best in students.

We have a comprehensive 4 hour tutor training workshop and a tutoring test at the end.

Our screening process allows us to select constructive, positive tutors who have mastered their subjects – and our teaching philosophy has produced excellent results for over a decade. We work with our tutors to foster a learning environment that empowers learners.


  • I am happy to let you know that Nicole [learner] obtained a very good matric pass. I would like to thank Jason her maths tutor because she obtained 58% for her final mark (she used to get under 40% then progressively she improved with the help of Jason).
    Margaret Chan, regarding her daughter's improvement - Jan 2010
  • Firstly I would like to thank you for choosing the perfect tutor for my son. He is really comfortable with Cyanne [tutor], and is really calm with her. I believe that she will be able to help my son to reach his full potential, although it’s going to take a while. I will recommend you to anyone who is need of serious help with their children. I will never be able to thank you enough
    Cathy Nieuwoudt, regarding her son's tutor - Jun 2013
  • Michael [tutor] is really superb, and has real knack about him. Chris [learner] has been accepted into Stellenbosch (subject to) and Michael has played a huge role!
  • I want to express how amazing it is to work with such a professional and efficient set-up. I have passed your number onto friends.
    Annamaria Giuricich, regarding Hire Education's services - Feb 2008
  • So far Malcolm [tutor] has been excellent and the boys have really taken to him. In the short time he spent here, he seemed to have inculcated a sense of seriousness and purpose in my youngest son, no mean feat! We are therefore very happy with the service so far.
    Elinor Sisulu, regarding her sons' tutor - July 2012
  • The lessons were extraordinary in helping my child study.
    Tandeka Ndondo, regarding her daughter's improvement - Mar 2010