About Hire Education Tutoring

About Hire Education Tutoring

Hire Education is an education and tutoring company based in Johannesburg, South Africa; founded in 2003. Our main focus has been 1-on-1 and group tutoring, but more recently we have broadened our vision and ideas of how we can help, on a larger scale, to provide affordable and accessible education to all South Africans.

Part of this vision and plan is to provide a full education solution, including ICT software, hardware, infrastructure and integration with training at affordable rates. The other part is to make the solution sustainable.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable, innovative educational assistance to learners, parents, teachers and other stakeholders in our countries’ education. We aim to provide this through a variety of tools, and to keep these tools updated and relevant to the quick changing demands on education we face together as a society.

The tools we offer include tutoring, educational assessments, motivational and educational workshops/ talks, educational toys, books, downloadable educational materials and more.

Our aim is to use these tools and to partner with the right and relevant people/organisations in order to ensure no matter what the situation or background, every person in South Africa has the opportunity to learn.

We believe learning and education is a life-long journey.

Our Partners


Bunang Baswa – A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) inspiring, informing and enabling young people to lead their society.

If you are an individual or corporate company interested in working with us, or an education trust looking to sponsor assistance to schools / learners in South Africa, we would love to chat to you and hear your ideas about how we can work together.

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Our Story

Our founder, Rory Brachner, started tutoring whilst studying way back in 2001. Rory had such good results with the tutoring that he began receiving far more requests than he could possibly service himself. That’s when the penny dropped. “I’ve got more learners than I can handle… why not find and train others to do the same thing I’m doing?”

Rory, by that time, a 2nd year student, hired a fellow student as his first tutor in 2001.

By the time he qualified and left university at the end of 2002 (to work for a listed technology company) he had 10 students working for him as tutors. He registered Hire Education in 2003.

In May 2007, Robyn Cameron joined the company, and after building up the sales and marketing side of things for 2 years, Rory offered her shares and the opportunity to become General Manager.

In October 2013 Robyn took over full ownership of the company, converted to a PTY, and charged into a new decade with a new vision and some big dreams.

Essentially, Hire Education started out as a tutoring company that took the rich resource of bright, young university students (with natural teaching and mentoring abilities) and connected them to school learners in need of assistance.

After managing thousands of tutors through Hire Education though, it became apparent we had a knack for creating and implementing systems and procedures to train and manage South African students in general.

With this insight, we broadened our aims to provide students with well paid jobs that not only help to fund their university years, but also provide important lessons and skills needed when they graduate.

The job market is tough. We make our students tougher.

We are passionate about teaching our youth business etiquette and communication; time management and organisational skills. We believe in mentoring and never running away from a mistake and these are vital skills graduates are missing these days.

With this goal in mind we launched www.hireastudent.co.za in December 2013.

Our History Timeline

Rory Brachner (founder) hired first tutor in private capacity

Rory had 10 tutors working for him in private capacity

Rory registered Hire Education based in Johannesburg

Expanded service into Pretoria

Expanded service into Cape Town with over 200 tutors countrywide

Expanded service in Durban with over 250 tutors countrywide

Free assessment now available for each new learner

Expanded service to offer career assessments and matric holiday workshops

Robyn Cameron took over full ownership and launched www.hireastudent.co.za.

We have helped over 5000 learners in South Africa!

Our Team

Robyn Cameron

Robyn Cameron


Robyn Cameron has been involved with Hire Education since May 2007, initially building up the sales & marketing side of the business. Robyn can handle pretty much anything you throw at her! As a result, in 2009, Robyn became a shareholder and General Manager. Her commitment and passion to innovating education through empowerment resulted in full ownership of Hire Education as of the end of 2013 when she also launched Hire a Student.

Sarah Cameron

Sarah Cameron

Account Manager

Sarah started working with Hire Education in the middle of 2009 on a part time basis. Through the years she has gone from strength to strength and worked her way up from a part time office assistance to her position now of Account Manager. While working her way up the ranks at Hire Education, Sarah enrolled at UNISA in 2010 and is currently completing her BCom in Marketing Management.

Kelly Crear

Kelly Crear


Kelly Crear completed her BA Honours degree in Psychology from UJ, in 2010. During her studies she tutored a number of learners in a variety of subjects. After achieving fantastic results, Kelly was promoted to training tutor. She then completed her psychometric internship at Sci-bono and came back to Hire Education to provide a range of educational psychometric assessments.

Dhevina Panday

Dhevina Panday

Education Guru

Dhevina Panday has been our eyes and ears on the ground in Durban since April 2010. Her role is the recruitment of new tutors and the continued management of these tutors and their lessons. Dhevina is currently a teacher at Shakaskraal Primary School and has a passion for Education in South Africa. As well as having over 18 years of hands-on teaching experience, Dhevina has been a Regional Finalist for the National Teaching Awards in 2006 as well as a Provincial Finalist in 2007.

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